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Flexible and free

No fees. Edit your schedule and quantity, skip a delivery, or cancel anytime.

Easy to manage

Select the quantity and schedule. We’ll send a reminder before each shipment.

Set it more, save more

Save 10%, 15%, or even 25% when you subscribe and save on select items.


Select the product, set the quantity and frequency of your subscription, and the item will be delivered to your door automatically without needing to place an order!
For instance, if you choose to receive one item each month, a few days before the end of the month, you will receive an email reminding you of the order, following which your card will be charged and the item will be shipped.

Yes! You can change or cancel any Set It & Save subscription at any time. You can skip a delivery, change the quantity or delivery frequency, or pause the subscription.

You can do this at any time by accessing your Set it & Save subscriptions on your account page, or by clicking on the link in the confirmation email you will receive before each order is shipped.

Of course. You can add products to your subscription in the customer portal. Just click on the Edit button in the products card and edit, remove or add products to your subscription.

If the subscription can't be renewed because a payment can't be processed, then you will receive an email with a link, where you can safely update your payment method.

Reach out to us, and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help you.

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