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Chew + Heal Calming Dog Anxiety Supplements w/ Hemp 120 Soft Chew

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"HEMP DOG CALMING CHEWS: This calming aid helps support a dog's nervous system in reducing stress and tension...

  • "HEMP DOG CALMING CHEWS: This calming aid helps support a dog's nervous system in reducing stress and tension and helps calm hyperactive behavior. Particularly useful in stressful situations including excessive dog barking, thunderstorms, travel, grooming, fireworks, separation anxiety, bringing home a new pet, or trips to the vet."
  • "STRESS RELIEF DREAM TEAM: The combo of hemp seed oil, thiamine and l-tryptophan helps reduce stress and tension. Thiamine (B1) is a vitamin in the B complex group that is water soluble and may have calming properties. L-Tryptophan may increase levels of serotonin in the brain, a calming neurotransmitter."
  • "HEMP INFUSED: These calming chews for dogs have hemp seed oil and hemp seed powder which helps promote calm and balanced behavior in dogs. Hemp is an all natural dietary supplement that increases cognitive function, promotes digestive health, and works to keep your dog limber. The heart shaped treats reflect just how much you love your pup!"
  • "SUPPORTS REST, RELAXATION & SENSITIVE STOMACHS: This formula includes ginger and chamomile, both help settle upset stomachs and ease indigestion. Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone which helps regulate sleep and wake cycles and may help promote rest. Chamomile and passion flower may promote relaxation, soothe tension and relieve stress."
  • "MADE IN AMERICA: Give these dog calming treats approximately 30 minutes before the stressful situation for fast acting relief. Designed for dogs over 12 weeks, check the product package for the suggested dosage for your size pet. The chews are ease to chew, especially helpful for elder pets, and they're delicious!"

"Chew + Heal?s Hemp Calming Aid Dog Supplement uses hemp seed, Thiamine, and L-Tryptophan along with other vitamins and minerals to calm and relax dogs in stressful situations. The soft chews are delicious and easy to eat, and they are fast and effective!

Calming Aid Formulated for Anxiety Caused by:

? Travel
? Excessive Barking
? Storms
? Fireworks
? Bringing Home New Pet
? Grooming
? Trips to the Vet
? Post Surgery (Wait 24 Hours)
? Separation Anxiety

Unique Chew + Heal Formula

? Hemp Seed Oil
? Hemp Seed Powder
? Thiamine (B1) ? A B complex water soluble vitamin which may have calming properties
? L-Tryptophan ? May increase brain levels of serotonin; a calming neurotransmitter
? Chamomile ? A plant extract for sleeplessness which may soothe upset stomachs and eases digestion
? Ginger ? Used for indigestion and as a stomach settler
? Passion Flower ? May promote relaxation; soothe tension and relieve anxiety and stress
? Melatonin ? A hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles; may help to promote relaxation

Product Details

? 120 Soft Chews
? For Dogs 12 Weeks and Older
? Give the Supplement Approximately 30 Minutes Prior to Stressful Situation
? Consult Product Packaging for Suggested Dosage
? Do Not Exceed Suggested Dosage
? Made in the USA"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Not helpful

These hemp treats smell good and my dogs like them. Unfortunately, they gave no relief to my dogs anxiety AND they gave that dog the runs. My other two dogs had no issue digestively, but they don’t actually need help with anxiety. Because my dog is large, 110 lbs, he needs a fair amount of these treats. But even just one of these gave him issues… and no help with anxiety.

Danielle m.
Very good but…

They use Canola oil, and this is the only reason that I don’t like this brand, really works, my dogs relax sleep but they could use a better oil even sunflower oil… hope they change ingredients because I will find another brand unfortunately, they really works for my dogs and I buy at least 3 bottles every month…

Extra stinky.

Does seem to help calm our cattle dog with anxiety. They smell terrible but no problems getting him to eat them. Definitely keep them out of reach, they seem to be pretty enticing.

Works as it should

Seems to taste great, dogs love it, works amazing.

They work