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Greater Wild 6" Bully Sticks - 20 Pack

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BEST BULLY STICK: Made with 100% beef pizzle, these odor free dog chews are durable and long lasting,...

  • BEST BULLY STICK: Made with 100% beef pizzle, these odor free dog chews are durable and long lasting, and a healthy and natural treat for your pet.
  • NO HIDE DOG CHEWS: Made from one ingredient - pure beef pizzle, these all natural dog treats have no other ingredients, no additives, chemicals, pesticides, or dyes. They are rich in important nutrients and minerals, including protein, fiber, and fat.
  • GREAT FOR DENTAL HEALTH: This beef dog chew are great for cleaning your dog's teeth. The chewing helps get rid of unwanted substances such as plaque and tartar. They're also great dog training treats, or just to show some love and affection to your puppy!
  • 100% DIGESTABLE DOG TREATS: Entirely digestible, these bully stick chews are safe and will not splinter or hurt your dog.
  • FOR SMALL AND LARGE DOGS: Designed for dogs of all sizes and ages, from puppies to older senior dogs. Also available from Greater Wild are bully sticks and rings in different weights, shapes, and sizes, jerky sticks, cow ear treats, pig ear treats, and more!

Greater Wild Bully Sticks

With Greater Wild you can be sure that our bully sticks are a healthy and natural treat for your dogs.

Made from one all natural ingredient, pure beef pizzle, which is guaranteed to be free of pesticides and chemical dyes. Bully sticks are a great source of all natural vitamins and minerals that promote your dog's health as well as keep them entertained for hours.

Ingredients: 100% Beef Pizzle
Healthy and All Natural
100% Digestible
Great for Dental Health
Odor Free
Long Lasting

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ms Jess Hawk
My dog loves them!

I’ve always been worried about bully sticks because of them being choking hazards but my Aussie border collie loves them. She ate them up very quickly so unfortunately they didn’t last as long as I assumed they would. But she really liked them so I definitely would buy again. I like giving her different variety of stuff to keep her busy.

K. Peterson
My Poodle Loves Them

My mini poo loves these bully sticks. I like them because their odor is very tolerable.That said, they are thin like a piece of bacon and she can chew through them in less than 10 minutes. I always take bully sticks away when they are small enough to be swallowed and be a danger to my girl which means these are thrown away after about ten minutes.If the important issue is that your furkid likes to chew on the bully stick this may be the right product for you. I prefer a much larger, thicker bully stick that I can give her time and time again, let her chew on it for 15-20 minutes and then put it away for another time when she needs distraction and clean teeth.

Gina Marie
Very strong smell

My 120lb American Akita loves bully sticks and I've tried a lot of brands of them. These are VERY smelly and more on the thin side. Lasted him about 10 minutes each. Overall wouldn't recommend for big dogs or if you mind the smell.

Dogs Loved Them, Not Long Lasting- Better For Small Dogs Or Light Chewers

These are decent chews for dogs. As other reviewers have noted, they do tend to vary in size with most tending to be on the thinner side. My dogs were excited to get these and absolutely loved them! However, they don't last very long.I have a Lab/Rottie mix that is a very aggressive chewer and a GSD/Husky mix that's more of a moderate chewer. The Lab mix was able to completely eat one in about 10 to 15 minutes while my Husky mix was able to finish hers in around 30 minutes. I was unable to test these on a light chewer, so they may last longer for them or with a smaller dog.Overall, while my dogs loved these snacks, they really are more of a treat rather than a long-lasting chew. Unless you have a small dog or a light chewer, they won't last more than half an hour, if that. If you need something that your dog will love, yet will actually last, I would recommend going for an antler instead of these.

Tom Knapp
When your dogs really want to chew...

These are good treats overall, and my pups enjoyed them. I like giving my dogs healthy, natural treats, so that's a bonus. They're a bit pricey, though, particularly considering how few chews come in the bag.On the other hand, it was entertaining when my 9-year-old twins asked what exactly I was giving the dogs. Fun conversation!