Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Fever - for Adults and Babies - Fast and Accurate Temperature Measurement from Up to 2 Inches Away - Touch Free IR Sensor


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The ProHeal Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer has been developed using the latest infrared technology, allowing the temporal artery (TA) temperature to be taken without touching the patient, at a distance of 2 inches away from the forehead.

Precise, instantaneous, and without the need of any physical contact, ProHeal’s forehead thermometer is the most suitable thermometer for no risk temperature measurement. Simply point the thermometer at the patient's forehead, click "Scan" and their temperature will be instantly displayed.

Features and Benefits:

- Designed to take the body temperature of a person without the interference from the heat of the surrounding environment.
- Never wake the patient to take their temperature.
- Audio alarm when the temperature is too high. [≤100.4°F (38°C)]
- Non-touch reduces cross contamination.
- Memory for 32 previous measurements.
- Back-lit LCD screen.
- Data can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius .
- Body-mode temperature range: 89.6°F~109.2°F (32°C~42.9°C)
- Measuring distance: 1.2in~2in (3cm~5cm)
- Accuracy: ±0.6°F (0.3°C)
- Dimensions: Individual unit 8"x5"x3"/Weight: 0.39 lbs
- Automatic shut off.
- Fast and accurate, 1 second response time.
- Hygienic, practical, and easy to use.
- No probe covers reduces costs.
- Works with 2 AA batteries (included).

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