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Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Extra Strength for Severe Congestion Relief Nasal Mist

Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Extra Strength for Severe Congestion Relief Nasal Mist

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Dec 07, 2023 - Dec 11, 2023

Size: 1.5oz
This extra strength nasal spray helps beat severe cold and allergy congestion without damaging nasal tissue. Simply Saline's adaptable nozzle and gentle mist deliver convenience while ARM & HAMER Baking Soda creates a drug-free way to dry mucus and help clear nasal passages, making it safe to use alone or with your cold or allergy medicine. For relief from stubborn congestion, try Simply Saline Extra Strength - Severe Congestion.

  • 100% PURE INGREDIENTS: Purified water, salt and ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda
  • EXTRA STRENGTH FORMULA: Unique 3% saline nasal spray formula helps to alleviate swelling and pull water out of the tissues.
  • ALLIEVIATE SINUS PRESSURE: Helps to clear nasal blockages and relieve sinus pressure
  • CLEARS SEVERE CONGESTION: Helps to alleviate congestion and stuffy noses, and flushes irritants from the nasal passage
  • DRUG FREE & SAFE: Use as often as needed. Doctor recommended for use WITH prescription and OTC allergy/ cold medications

Before first use, expel a short stream of mist. Insert tip of nozzle into one nostril and press down on the textured area at the base of the nozzle so that a gentle mist coats nasal passages. Blow your nose very gently to clear the mucus out. Repeat for the other nostril. To flush & irrigate, tilt head to the side over sink. Insert tip of nozzle into the top nostril depressing on textured area at base of nozzle so that a gentle mist fills sinus passages and flows out nostrils. Repeat in other nostril.

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