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Therabody RecoveryTherm Hot and Cold Vibration Knee

Therabody RecoveryTherm Hot and Cold Vibration Knee

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Dec 05, 2023 - Dec 09, 2023

This all-in-one device seamlessly combines cold, heat, and vibration therapy to optimize knee recovery and keep you moving throughout the day. With cold therapy, manage pain and inflammation. To reduce tension and aches, apply heat. And to maximize effectiveness, add vibration for increased blood flow and pain relief. Our proprietary Cryothermal Technology enables fast cooling, heating, and effective contrast therapy.

  • Great for knee rehabilitation and recovery
  • Improves range of motion
  • Reduces tension and aches
  • Manages pain and inflammation
  • Increases blood flow and pain relief
  • 3 built-in treatment programs: cooling, heating, and contrast therapy
  • 3 modes of vibration for independent use or combined with other treatments
  • One-size-fits-all design featuring Cryothermal Technology
  • Germanium fabric
  • Removable battery compatible with other RecoveryTherm products
  • 60-minute battery life

Putting on your device

1. Use the garment in a cool, dry location (below 78 degrees Fahrenheit/26 degrees Celsius).
2. Find a comfortable position sitting down, with your legs either at a 90-degree angle or fully extended.
3. Extend the garment and unbuckle the straps.
4. To put the RecoveryTherm Hot & Cold Vibration Knee on, place the garment’s center open circle on your knee cap. The blue fans should be facing outwards, and the control panel should be resting on your thigh. Ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow to the blue fans.
5. Secure the RecoveryTherm Hot & Cold Vibration Knee by buckling each strap. The straps should provide compression without being uncomfortable or painful. If standing up, readjust the top strap for increased compression.

Using your garment

1. Insert the battery into the control panel. There is only one correct battery insertion position in the battery dock. Do not force the battery into place. The Therabody logo should be facing upright when inserted.
2. Press and hold the power button for two seconds.
3. Select one of three treatment options (cold, hot, or contrast) using the respective mode buttons.
4. RecoveryTherm Hot & Cold Vibration Knee will begin a preset protocol if contrast therapy is selected. There are six LEDs, each corresponding with a treatment step. For example, blue indicates cold therapy, and orange indicates hot therapy. As each of the six treatment types are complete, their respective lights will turn off.
5. Add vibration therapy to any treatment by pressing the vibration button. Toggle between the three vibration modes (low intensity, high intensity, and wave) by short-pressing the vibration button.
6. The treatment is approximately 15-20 minutes long, depending on the selected mode.

What's Included:

RecoveryTherm Hot & Cold Vibration Knee device
Removable battery
Soft case
Battery Life
60 minutes in cold mode
90 minutes in hot mode
30 minutes in contrast mode

One size fits all

Neoprene and Germanium-infused fabric with flexible neoprene strap

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