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Suplemento Chew + Heal Senior para caderas y articulaciones para perros

Suplemento Chew + Heal Senior para caderas y articulaciones para perros

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Feb 23, 2024 - Feb 26, 2024

Suplemento de cadera y articulaciones para perros mayores, especialmente formulado para mascotas de edad avanzada para apoyar y mantener articulaciones saludables. Este suplemento contiene una mezcla de glucosamina, condroitina y MSM, que trabajan juntos para lubricar y amortiguar las articulaciones, reduciendo la inflamación y el dolor. También contiene antioxidantes y ácidos grasos omega-3 para apoyar la salud y el bienestar general. Nuestro suplemento es fácil de administrar, simplemente rocíalo en la comida de tu perro. Con el uso regular, notará una mejora en la movilidad y calidad de vida de su mascota. Ayude a su perro mayor a mantener su estilo de vida activo con nuestro Suplemento de cadera y articulaciones para personas mayores.

Este multivitamínico diario para perros está diseñado para mascotas de edad avanzada y se puede administrar a todos los perros (a partir de 1 año). Incluye todas las vitaminas y minerales esenciales necesarios para mantener y mejorar la salud de las articulaciones y los cartílagos.

La glucosamina, un antiinflamatorio natural, ayuda a reducir el dolor de su perro, restaura la salud de las articulaciones de forma natural y aumenta la movilidad. También puede mejorar la lubricación en las articulaciones de tu perro. Combinarlo con condroitina y MSM ayuda a reducir aún más el dolor y la inflamación.

En este multivitamínico para perros mayores se incluyen omega 3 y omega 6, ácidos grasos esenciales que no solo son útiles para la salud general de un perro, sino que también pueden ayudar a reducir el dolor y las molestias en las articulaciones y la cadera, así como el dolor y los síntomas de la artritis. Procedente de aceite de pescado, linaza y aceite de salmón.

Se incluyen calcio, vitamina C y vitamina E, para la salud general, la salud ósea y los antioxidantes. La yuca ayuda a aliviar el dolor y la incomodidad causados ​​por el ejercicio y las actividades regulares. ¡Es el multivitamínico diario perfecto para su perro de raza grande o pequeña!

¡Este suplemento para masticar articulaciones para perros está diseñado para perros pequeños, perros grandes e incluso razas masivas! ¡Los masticables suaves son deliciosos dulces que le encantarán a tu mascota! La dosis recomendada varía según el tamaño del animal, consulte el envase. Las 120 pastillas masticables son suficientes para durar hasta 60 días.

DATOS DEL PRODUCTO Ingredientes activos por 2 masticables suaves: Glucosamina HCI (fuente de mariscos) - 250 mg Metilsulfonilmetano (MSM) - 250 mg Ascorbato de calcio (vitamina C) - 112 mg Ácidos grasos omega-3 (aceite de pescado, lecitina, linaza, aceite de salmón) - 100 mg Yucca schidigera - 50 mg Sulfato de condroitina ( Fuente porcina) - 50 mg Ácidos grasos omega-6 (lecitina y linaza) - 25 mg DL—acetato de alfa-tocoferilo (vitamina E) - 50 UI

Ingredientes inactivos: levadura seca de cerveza, ácido cítrico, producto de patata seca, glicerina, lecitina, tocoferoles mixtos, saborizante natural, extracto de romero, ácido sórbico, almidón de tapioca, aceite vegetal, agua.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Perfect for seniors

Really good stuff. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s best friend is getting up there in age.

Dane loves them

Only issue I have is my Dane flies through these too fast. I’m going to have to sell a kidney to keep up with this boys appetite. He is able to stand straighter and doesn’t wine nearly as much.

Ms. O.B.
Make my dog walk

just started using the product will update on my dogs process

Alvaro N.A.
value for money

My dog loves the chewing pieces.

So happy I bought these

Ponto is crazy picky and I was shocked when he let me give these to him. I bought them as an experiment and I’m so happy I did. He’s standing and walking like a strapping young man. His stiff joints are a thing of the past and it’s all due to Chew and Heal.

Allen L.
Greatly helped our dog.

She shows much less limping and is more active. It took a few weeks to show results, but will keep her on it for good.

Lisa A.P.
my dog likes it and it is helping

My pup likes it, she is a very picky eater, and so it is easy to give it to her, and she was limping less after a couple of days. She is 12 and has some arthritis, and this seems to be helping her quite a bit.

Gail A.

Our Golden strained his knee three months ago it was so bad he couldn't put any weight on his right leg, we thought he might have something in one of his pads on his foot. One day it would be okay and the next it would be bad again, after a month, we finally took him to the vet because it wasn't getting any better, and she told us he had "blown out" his knee. We had never heard of that! We live in an area that gets a lot of snow and he was running and playing in the deep snow, so he must of pulled the ligaments then. She said we had two for two thousand or surgery for twice as much and an eight month recovery period. WOW! She gave us some pain pills and a anti inflammatory and sent us on our way with that to digest, she said it would probably never get better and his left leg would suffer because of all the weight he was putting on it. Needless to say, we were pretty depressed he's only three years old and the BEST DOG EVER! When we got home, I started researching about it and found this product, (after all I take the same stuff for my bad knee, that I blew out not too long ago and it really helps me!) I also bought a small easy to use brace that I put on about five hours a day. After a few weeks, we started to notice that he was limping less and putting more weight on it. Okay, move ahead a couple more weeks and yesterday when we were on our walk he actually lifted his left leg and put all his weight on his right! He did it again today! I know the little brace helps with support but when he put his full weight on his leg he didn't have it on. I know it's all Joint Support! We are so grateful for this product! Thanks Chew+Heal, Gail


Good for the dogs

Anthony P.P.
Dogs love it

Great health benefits for the dogs.

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