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Disposable Dry Wipes

Disposable Dry Wipes

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Clean up your face, skin, and body with ultimate care by using our ultra soft disposable dry cleansing cloths! Excellently crafted to provide you with an ultimate cleansing experience for bodies of any type and any age, you'll be kept in perfect cleanliness and care so you feel and look great anytime, anywhere.


Material: Soft-Spun Fabric
Disposable, Non-Flushable Cloths
Fragrance Free, for Sensitive and Fragile Skin
Perfect for Baby Care, Incontinence, Makeup Removal, and Any Body Need
Great for Cleaning
Dry and Smooth
50 Cloths Per Package
Wipe Size: 9.5” x 13.5” (Size May Vary)


100 (2 Pack)
200 (4 Pack)
500 (10 Pack)
1,000 (20 Case Pack)


The beauty of our cleansing cloths come with how versatile they are! They're designed to be applicable on any skin type so you can take care of your baby after a baby diaper change or incontinence of an older loved one. They're ultra-soft, a lot softer than reusable wipes that are tailored for longevity as opposed to quality. They're also dry so they won't dry out accidentally and you can wet them in your regular sink for extra moisture. They're great to have on your side for your daily skin care routine, makeup removal, or basic bathing necessities.


While great for the skin and body, our washcloths are great for generic household cleaning! They soak up a lot more moisture than regular tissues and napkins so you can wipe anything down for a spotless shine of your furniture. Keep them in any room of your home or have them in work to always keep your environment clean. They're professional grade so they can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, day cares, schools, and other health care facilities.

Dry Baby Wipes

The same wipes used in hospitals, these ultra soft cotton wipes have no chemicals or anything added and are perfect for sensitive skin. Just add water and wipe!

Great for diaper changing, wiping hands, face or anything else.

Incontinence Wipes & Senior Care

These large washcloths are great for homecare and nursing home for incontinence and other elderly care uses. Disposable to avoid cross contamination, these incontinence wipes are non flushable.

Multi Purpose Wipes

These dry wipes can be used as cleaning wipes at home, soft cotton tissues, or a multitude of other uses. Thick, soft, and non abrasive, they can be used on just about any surface safely.

Face & Body Wipes

As thick as paper towels, but as soft and gentle as tissues, these wipes can be used for face and body for makeup removal, cleansing, and any other use.

Perfect for use on sensitive skin

Treat your skin with utmost care by using these super soft and strong dry cleansing cloths that are perfect for all kinds of cleansing purposes – makeup removal, bathing, incontinence, regular skin care routine, and much more!

These dry baby wipes are designed for ultimate care on delicate and sensitive skin for children, teens, and adults. They're just like the cloths used in hospitals and great for diaper changes and cleaning up your baby.

Unlike moistened wet wipes, they don't dry out, and unflushable wipes reduce other risks of spread. Disposable washcloth wipes are softer and absorb more moisture than reusable cloths which need to be rougher.

Keep our wipes in your bathroom, bedroom, or any room of your home to clean anything easily. They’re perfect for senior centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, health care facilities, and any professional setting.

Whether you need wipes every now and then or multiple times a day, we have a pack for you! Choose between five different pack sizes: 50, 100, 200, 500, and a super bulk 1000 pack so you’ll always be prepared for every situation anywhere. Each wipe measures 13.5" x 9.5".

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