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FifthPulse Disposable Scalpel Knife - #11 - Individually Wrapped Sterile Scalpel Blades

FifthPulse Disposable Scalpel Knife - #11 - Individually Wrapped Sterile Scalpel Blades

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Jul 25, 2024 - Jul 27, 2024

Introducing FifthPulse’s Disposable Scalpels, a pinnacle in precision and safety for medical practitioners worldwide. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these scalpels redefine accuracy, reliability, and hygiene in surgical procedures.

Each scalpel is engineered from premium-grade stainless steel, ensuring unparalleled durability and sharpness. The razor-sharp blade guarantees exceptional cutting precision, enabling surgeons to execute intricate incisions with ease and efficiency. The ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue during prolonged surgeries and enhancing overall control for enhanced surgical outcomes.

FifthPulse’s Disposable Scalpels are designed for single-use, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and infections associated with reusing surgical instruments. The sterile packaging maintains the integrity of the scalpel, ensuring its pristine condition until the moment of use. This not only prioritizes patient safety but also streamlines the surgical process by removing the need for time-consuming sterilization procedures.

Available in various blade sizes, these scalpels cater to diverse surgical needs across medical specialties, from general surgery to dermatology and beyond. Whether performing delicate procedures requiring finesse or those demanding a more robust cutting edge, FifthPulse offers a scalpel suitable for every scenario.

FifthPulse’s commitment to excellence and innovation in medical instruments is evident in every aspect of these disposable scalpels. Trusted by medical professionals globally, these scalpels stand as a testament to precision, reliability, and uncompromising quality, ensuring optimal surgical outcomes while prioritizing patient and practitioner safety. Experience the cutting-edge technology and reliability of FifthPulse’s Disposable Scalpels, setting new benchmarks in surgical instruments.

Scalpels Surgical: Crafted from ultra-sharp tempered stainless steel with a unique curved edge, FifthPulse disposable scalpels #11 are the unrivaled surgical knife for precise skin and muscle incisions.

Dermaplaning Blades: Their lightweight and comfortable design make these the most user-friendly scalpel for dermaplaning. With our surgical blades for dermaplaning, you can bring the esthetician to your home and look your best.

Sturdy Gripped Handle & Cover: The dermaplaning scalpel has a comfy safety grip for precision and flawless results. Every scapula knife features a bonus 6 cm ruler and is equipped with a safety cap.

Sterile Dermaplane Scalpel: Each of our number 11 medical scalpels is individually wrapped, providing guaranteed care and safety. These lab knives & scalpels work amazingly well for minor aesthetic procedures such as callus and acne removal.

Additional Uses: Besides being a professional dermaplaning tool, FifthPulse's scalpel blade 11 can also be used as premed student supplies, school dissections, clay modeling, gardening, and arts and crafts.

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