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Lateral Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Pulsation Mattress

Lateral Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Pulsation Mattress

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The ProHeal line of Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattresses are the preferred choice by clinicians and patients treating all stages of pressure sores. Bedridden patients often suffer from skin ulcers and bed sores due to extended pressure on specific limbs and muscles. The mattress’s premium technologies, whether it be pressure distribution, ventilated air cells, cell-on-cell design, or densified bases, distribute a patient’s weight and create a healthy microclimate environment, preventing and relieving unnecessary pain and pressure. The multiple pump settings and air-cycles allow customizable therapy, ensuring that every user receives the care they deserve.

The easy installed mattresses are designed with removable, fluid resistant, and non-shear covers, that are lined with spring tubing for durability. Additionally, the mattresses contain a CPR valve to deflate the mattress rapidly in case an emergency arises, low pressure alarms, a static mode to prevent unnecessary movement, adjustable hanging brackets, and many other unique features. Some models have the option of foam side rails or air bolsters for additional patient support and care.

The sizes and weight capacities vary between different models. They range from 36” - 50” in width, 80” - 84” in length, and 5” - 10” in height. The weight capacity ranges from 300lbs – 1000lbs for our bariatric patients.

Lateral Rotation/Low Air Loss/Alternating Pressure and Pulsation Mattress System

The Lateral Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Pulsation Mattress combines lateral rotation, low air loss, alternating pressure and pulsation in one mattress system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lateral rotation offers three turning modes with adjustable angles and turning cycle times from 10-95 minutes – Left Turn, Right Turn and Full Turn.
  • TrueCare™ Alternating technology enhances patient comfort by re-inflating the 1st set of alternating cells before the 2nd set of cells start to deflate and alternate.
  • Innovative iLAL™ (independent Low Air Loss) effectively reduces the moisture and skin heat on the support surface by periodically providing a high volume of air loss relief.
  • Selectable 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minute alternating cycle times with LED display and static mode for easy patient transfer.
  • Constant low pressure (CLP) mode puts the mattress in a low pressure static surface for patients who cannot tolerate a dynamic surface but still require a pressure redistribution surface.
  • Pulsate mode with adjustable cycle time provides a periodic pressure changing static surface.
  • 18 bladder cell-on-cell mattress design prevents patient from bottoming out in case of power failure.
  • Auto-firm mode provides quick set up and ease of ingress and egress from bed.
  • Audio/visual alarms: power failure, low pressure and service alarm with error code.
  • Nylon quilted top cover is fluid resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial, vapor permeable and fire retardant.
  • Two-stage fowler detector automatically stops turning at 20 degrees and increases the pressure output at 45 degrees to prevent “bottoming out.”
  • Auto-lockout ensures patient safety by locking the panel to prevent accidental setting changes.
  • Weight Capacity: 660 lbs.
  • Warranty:
    • 2 Year Non-Prorated.

ProHeal's line of Hospital and Home Care Accessories is a premium array of medical products. Designed with durable and reliable materials, our products are preferred by nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and caregivers.

Designed to supply healthy blood flow, this hospital bed compressor comprises 5 unique alternating pressure cycles, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes, in addition to a static mode, to deliver customized patient relief. In its treatment for bed sores this mattress is equipped with an adjustable pulsating mode that provides periodic pressure changing surfaces.

The hospital bed mattresses innovative iLAL™ (independent Low Air Loss) works in the prevention of surface moisture and excess skin heat by periodically providing high amounts of air loss. Additionally, the mattresses auto-firm mode allows patient support and ease of ingress and egress from bed, making it the ultimate bed pad to prevent bed sores.

ProHeal's air mattress for hospital bed supplies treatment for all patients. Its Constant Low Pressure (CLP) mode allows care for a patient who can not tolerate a dynamic surface but still requires an alternating pressure pad. Its premium 18 cell-on-cell design bladders ensures constant wound treatment even during a power failure.

This medical bed includes lateral rotation equipment that provides three adjustable turning modes and multiple turning cycle times, ranging from 10-95 minutes. Additionally, this hospital mattress is equipped with a two-stage fowler detector, allowing ultimate bed sore and buttocks relief even when a patient is in a sitting position.

This hospital-grade home mattress is produced with a care free, removable, fluid resistant, non-shear nylon cover. These products have 3 audio and visual alarms: power failure, low pressure and service alarm with error code and an automatic lock-out technology, making them the unrivaled bedsore prevention products.

Warranty: 2 Year Non-Prorated.

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