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SKU SHM-82127
by Hand-E

Hand-E Incontinence Disposable Underpads - Blue

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Size: 17" x 24"
Count: 10
Hand-E Incontinence Disposable Underpads - the solution to incontinence that brings a pop of fun to your day! These disposable underpads come in a vibrant blue color that's sure to brighten up any room. Not only do they provide superior protection and absorbency, but they also add a playful touch to an otherwise mundane task. So why settle for boring white underpads when you can have Hand-E Incontinence Disposable Underpads in fun blue? Try them today and add some color to your daily routine!

Triple Layered Protection:
Hand-E soft and absorbant chucks pads for adults are the most absorbent and leak-proof incontinence pads on the market, with their three-layer protection.

These pads for beds for incontinence adults will save your furniture, mattresses, and couches from any wetting stains or urinary problems. They deliver zero leakage on your furniture.

Locks In Odor:
Disposable bed pads will smell no longer! Hand-E's absorbent pads are crafted with a unique odor-resistant component, delivering the premium disposable bed pads for incontinence.

Fun and Colorful Designs:
Hospital bed pads don't need to be drab and dreadful. Our chucks pads disposable for adults have fun and colorful designs to bring some life to an adult's care.

Additional Use:
These disposable underpads can also be used as puppy pads and disposable changing pads for a baby. Hand-E is the one-stop for all your premium homecare accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great pads

I decided to use these pads for my dog as he was in the training process and my dog absolutely loved them. These are of great quality and super absorbent. Highly recommended product.

Awesome Odor Neutralizer

I got these to use as puppy pads for our mini poodle since they said they are odor-neutralizing. These did not disappoint. I have tried all kinds of different pads and these by far, outperform the competition when it comes to absorbency as well as neutralizing the odor. We were changing pads 4 to 5 times a day due to the urine smell. With these, we were doing it every morning if needed. These things not only absorb large amounts of urine, but they lock it in! We have a pad holder since our puppy likes to tear them up, but they were dry to the touch when I tried them out for the first time. When they say they neutralize odor, they neutralize the odor! Dog urine stinks. With these pads, you couldn't even smell the urine, even when the pad was saturated (either from overnight or long periods when we weren't home). I think they would work great for the elderly or kids. I definitely recommend these pads!

Soft against skin

I bought these to use after an upcoming surgery to ensure that I don't have any suture or drain leaks on my bed. I am pleased at the size of these as I feel that I will be able to lay on it and have some extra space on either side. I will likely need to fold it a bit in order for it to fit in my chair, but that is OK. I appreciate that they are not typical "medical" colors and they feel softer than what I have encountered in medical settings in the pad.


Works great for my disable mother

Great size, easy to use, effective!

These Disposable Bed Pads - Triple Layer Protection Chux Pads - Odor Neutralizer Incontinence Pee Pads for Adults - Heavy Absorbent Underpads - 10 Navy 30" x 36" Chucks (30" x 36", 10) work well to keep urine away from the sheets on the bed and from furniture wherever it is. It works the way a diaper does. When urinated on, these incontinence pads allow the urine to go through the first layer of protection, closest to the person's skin and continue outward where it soaks into the layer next to the plastic on the outside of the pad. It does this with no leakage. This continues until new ones replace them. The Chux pad holds the urine like a giant diaper and when you remove it you will see the bedding is still dry. It saves time, energy, and money. To use a Chux pad properly, do not let it get too full. By using the Chux pad, the bedding and mattress don't get ruined, you don't have to make the bed repeatedly, the stink of old urine is not a problem, and it saves a ton of money. I recommend this item.

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