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Dog Training Pads: FAQ

1. Are dog training pads available in multiple sizes?

  • Yes, there are multiple size options to fit your dog’s needs.

2. How often should I replace dog training pads?

  • You should replace dog training pads when they're soiled. If you're using disposable pads, make sure to dispose of them properly.

3. Do dog training pads absorb the smell?

  • Yes, a lot of training pads will absorb the smell, but it varies from brand to brand.

4. Are washable dog training pads hygienic?

  • Yes, washable dog training pads are hygienic, provided you wash them thoroughly after each use.

5. Can I use dog training pads for cats?

  • Yes, you can use dog training pads for cats, especially if they're indoor cats that don't have access to a litter box.

6. How do I get my dog to stop using training pads?

  • Once your dog is house-trained, you can gradually remove the pads from your house and encourage your dog to go outside.

7. Are dog training pads expensive?

  • Dog training pads come in different price ranges, depending on the type and brand. Washable pads are more cost-effective in the long run than disposable pads. See our options on Shop Home Med.


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