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How Often To Condition Natural Hair

For some, it seems like the circle of life revolves around worrying about hair loss and if one can reverse hair loss, and it can be pretty stressful and upsetting.

As we have written before, hemp shampoo and conditioner have tons of natural fats and are full of omegas that promote hair growth. 

However, before we brood over our lost hair and discuss how hair conditioner from Dr. Hempster can help, it is essential to understand how to use conditioner. 


How Often To Condition Natural Hair?

Rinse-out conditioner is what typically comes to mind when people think of conditioner. Apply it after shampooing hair, and rinse it out after a minute or two. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends using a rinse-out conditioner after every wash, ideally a few times per week.

However, if one has very oily or fine hair, they may want to condition it less frequently because it can weigh their hair down. If they have dry, coarse, curly, or color-treated hair, they may benefit from conditioning their hair more frequently ‚ÄĒ use a hair conditioner every day or every other day. These hair types tend to be on the dryer side and may love a little extra moisture.


Hair Conditioner Ingredients and How It Works 

As Kaleigh Fasanella writes, "To put it simply, conditioner is a conditioning or moisturizing agent generally made up of ingredients such as silicones, oils, and emollients, as well as cationic surfactants (the scientific term for soaps or detergents, which help to wash away the oily elements). Combined, these ingredients replenish hair's moisture after some of it is stripped from shampooing."


How Hemp Seed Oil Can Prevent and Treat Hair Loss

Research has shown that hemp seed oil helps with hair regrowth after hair loss, as nutrient-rich hemp extracts added to carrier oils may promote hair growth over time.


Dr. Hempster's hemp conditioner brims with the goodness of omega fatty acids. Massaging the scalp with hemp seed oil soothes the dryness of the scalp by absorbing nutrients and promoting hair growth. Its potent anti-inflammatory properties aid in soothing inflammation on the scalp. 


Dr. Hempster's hemp conditioner is the best solution to repair damaged hair and restore its beauty. It features a potent moisturizing property that can help treat dry and lifeless hair, smoothen texture, and creates a better appearance. Indirectly, hemp oil has powerful anti-anxiety and anti-stress benefits that aid in creating feelings of calm and relaxation.


Click here to read about the preferred methods of conditioning one's hair. 





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