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The Bariatric Bed For You

Previously, we wrote a post describing what a bariatric bed is used for and its unique benefits. The post compared a bariatric bed vs. a hospital bed and informed our readers why they might need a bariatric hospital bed. Now that you know what is a bariatric bed, it's time for us to describe the different types of bariatric beds for a home that we sell. 

All the beds have various sizes catering to a customer's required bariatric bed size.


The Standard Hospital Bariatric Bed and Mattress

ProHeal's bariatric electric hospital bed and mattress is designed to provide comfort, safety, and flexibility for long-term care settings- whether it be at home or a medical facility. It's made with a heavy-duty welded steel frame for maximum durability and support.

It comes in 36", 42", and 48" widths and 80", 84", and 88" lengths and features tool-free expansion. The weight capacity is 750 lbs. The 10-button hand pendant allows the bed to be customized to the patient's ideal position and the auto-contour function makes adjustments even more effortless. 


Added Features:

  • Bumper bar to protect walls from damage
  • Corner mattress containers
  • Head and footboards
  • Pair of quarter rails¬†


On-Demand Air Bolsters

The on-demand side air bolsters mitigate accidental patient roll-outs, reduce the risk of entrapment, and have a "quick deflate" twist release valve to allow the use of the mattress with or without the raised air bolsters.

This hospital bed is fitted with 18 laser-size holes, providing moisture-wicking ventilation at 18 LPM. Low air loss technology creates a microclimate environment for the patient, healing their sores and skin maceration. 

The airflow runs on four accessible alternating cycles: 10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes. The cell-on-cell two-layer design maintains air in the mattress' lower 4" in the event of a power failure. 


Added Features: 

  • LED digital panel¬†
  • Sleep technology that shuts off the hospital mattress at the desired pressure level and a lockout feature to prevent unauthorized setting changes.¬†
  • Static mode
  • CPR valve
  • Three audible and visual alarms
  • Fowler (seat inflate)



Bariatric Low Air Loss 

This hospital bed compressor is designed to supply healthy blood flow and comprises five unique alternating pressure cycles, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes. An advanced digital pump allows for customizable settings.

20 bladders are 10" deep and can be easily removed and replaced. Head Pillow mode keeps the three cells by the head inflated during static mode, while Seat Inflate mode makes sure that the user stays comfortable while the top part of the bed is raised for long periods, ensuring optimized comfort.


Added Features:

  • Cell-on-cell designed air cells to prevent bottoming out and 24 hours of power outage protection.¬†
  • Removable nylon cover.
  • Static mode
  • CPR valve
  • Three audible and visual alarms



Gel Topper for Bed Sore Prevention


The gel topper combines gel and foam materials to create a surface that promotes healing and the treatment of bed sores, ulcers, and skin pressure. The extreme comfort of the mattress promotes the ideal sleeping experience. 

There are 15 horizontal gel bladders to prevent migration and bottoming out. The gel mattress topper is also situated between two layers of resilient and durable foam.


Added Features:

  • Nylon cover
  • 4 Adjustable elastic secure corner straps.



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