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Chew + Heal Stop The Poo Chew

Chew + Heal Stop The Poo Chew

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Oct 03, 2023 - Oct 07, 2023

Stop The Poo Chew, the ultimate solution for dog parents everywhere who struggle with the issue of their beloved pets eating their own feces. This innovative product is designed to stop this unwanted behavior and promote healthy digestion in your furry friend.

Stop The Poo Chew is a 100% natural and safe chewable tablet that is formulated with specially chosen ingredients that work to discourage dogs from eating their own feces. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their strong and unpleasant taste which dogs find unappealing.

This product is easy to administer, simply place the chewable tablet in your dog's food or treat, and watch as the unpleasant taste deters them from consuming their feces. The chewable tablets are also great for dogs that are picky eaters.

Stop The Poo Chew is also designed to promote healthy digestion in your dog. The ingredients are carefully chosen to improve the balance of bacteria in the gut which can lead to a reduction in the amount of feces produced. This means that not only will your dog stop eating their feces, but they will also have healthier and more regular bowel movements.

Say goodbye to the embarrassment and disgust of having a dog that eats their own feces, and hello to a happy and healthy pet with Stop The Poo Chew. Order yours today and give your furry friend the gift of a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

Whether your pet is eating their own stool out of habit, digestive issues, or nutritional deficiency, this dog poop-eating deterrent contains digestive enzymes to boost gut health and eliminate the cause of the issue.

This digestive supplement uses natural vitamins and minerals to prevent dog from eating poop. Glutamic acid makes the stool taste disgusting, while yucca helps neutralize the dog's urine and stool odor.

Not just a stool-eating deterrent for dogs, it also works as a bad dog breath treatment. Parsley leaf works as a natural aid to neutralize bad-smelling breath and leave a fresher, more pleasant odor.

PREBIOTIC FOR GUT HEALTH: Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is a prebiotic that provides a food source for beneficial gut bacteria, and chamomile helps support digestion. The formula includes a digestive enzyme blend to help better utilize all nutrients.

This vet-formulated and recommended formula is proudly made in America using premium-grade ingredients. These bites are delicious and treats your doggie will love! For dogs 12 weeks and older, not for use with cats.

PRODUCT FACTS Active Ingredients per 2 Soft Chews: Yacca Schidigera - 400mg, Parsley Leaf - 100mg, Proprietart Enzyme Bland - 70mg, (alpha-Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Protease, Bacillus coagulans, Fructooligosaccharides) Chamomile - 25mg.

Inactive Ingredients: Brewers Dried Yeast, Canola Oil, Dried Potato Product, Flaxseed, Glutamic Acid, Glycerin, Lecithin, Maltodextrin, Mixed Tocoperols, Natural Flavoring, Rosemary Extract, Starch, Vegetable Oil, Water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tera Hockaday
It’s worth it and stops dogs from eating poo within a few days!!

The media could not be loaded.  The chews are 1/2 inch cubes and they are easy to break in half for a 20lb dog or a whole cube for 40lbs-see video. I gave them to both of my dogs, per the directions, even though only one of my dogs (the 20lb dog) was eating poo.It actually worked. We are 4-5 days in to my dogs having these chews daily and my dog is no longer eating poo. I could not believe it. She doesn’t even go near it now. It’s like magic!!!The only thing I did notice is my big dog (90lbs) had a little bit of an upset stomach the first few days of taking these. After a few days passed, she was fine and has been fine ever since.It’s a great product, the dogs like it and it keeps my dog from eating poo. I absolutely recommend it. It’s worth the price.

Francis B.
My lab seems to like them, and thus far they are effective

So there are two issues at play here, the cause of my labs feces eating, and then the removal of that cause and the addition of these as a solution to break the habit. He has a lot of issues with tummy problems, and because he has such intense digestive issues, I have gone to Great lengths to seek out probiotics that he can use that will help him with that. I had him on a probiotic that I got through Amazon Vine that was goat milk based? And he seemed to enjoy it, but unfortunately he started developing side effects, namely, The habit to consume his own poo. This is a gross habit, but beyond that it's an issue because it indicates a dietary malnourishment or dysfunction. His food had not changed other than the probiotic I was giving him, so I took him off of that probiotic, and I got these and started feeding them to him and between those two things, he seems to have stopped. Also his toots are no longer so atrociously smelly they could clear a room.So I think this has helped to reduce the effects that the I will go ahead and say bad probiotics had on him however, I also took him off of the probiotics fairly immediately once I realized they were likely the cause.So how much of it can truly be attributed to this particular supplement and how much of it can be attributed to removing the worst of the cause is very difficult for me to say. Ideally I would have created more space between removing him from those probiotics and putting him on this supplement so that I could assess what was baseline, however every day that he spent eating his poo was one day too many, it meant constantly watching him, constantly brushing his teeth, and continually hoping he didn't get sick. So I did both at basically the same time, which is not the best way to assess the medical value of something, but he stopped eating his poo only about 3 days after I took him off the bad probiotics, and it was about 2 days into that time that I started him on these, and then it was about another week before it seemed to be completely cleared out of his system and his toots were no longer noxious as well as the who eating habit going away. So I definitely think these have had an effect, maybe not as strong of an effect as would be ideal, but they definitely seem to have one. He's not particularly wild about the flavor which I think says something pretty strong because he's a labrador who will eat virtually anything? But it isn't necessarily completely damning of the product for him to not love the flavor. It has a bittering agent in it that is meant to affect their poo to discourage the eating of it, and he does still eat them, just not with very much gusto. I'll take it as a win

Half goodw

We have 2 dogs that both like to eat poop. This product worked for one, but not the other. Guess I'll have to try something different that will work for both.

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