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Deals: FAQ

1. What are the deals currently available? 

  • Our deals change regularly. Please visit our Deals page for the most recent and up-to-date deals.

2. How long do these deals last? 

  • Each deal has its own duration, some may last for a day, a week, or while supplies last. Please check the details of each deal for specific information.

3. Can I use more than one deal at a time? 

  • Unless specified otherwise, only one deal can be used per order.

4. Can I use a deal in combination with other discounts or coupons? 

  • Unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of a specific deal, discounts or deals cannot be combined.

5. Why can't I see the deal discount at checkout? 

6. What happens if a product in my order that was part of a deal is out of stock? 

  • If a product is out of stock, we will contact you to discuss your options which may include waiting for restock, choosing a different product, or a refund.

7. Why was the deal I saw yesterday no longer available today? 

  • Our deals are subject to change and may end without notice. We recommend taking advantage of a deal as soon as you see it.

9. What if I have an issue with a product I purchased as part of a deal? 

  • All products, whether purchased as part of a deal or not, are subject to our standard return and refund policies. Please refer to our Returns Policy page for more details.

10. How can I stay updated on future deals? 

  • The best way to stay updated on our deals is to subscribe to our texts. You can also follow us on our social media channels for real-time updates.
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